Motor Fleet Operators

Are you responsible for the operation of a fleet of vehicles?

You have no doubt noticed insurance terms and/or premiums have changed in recent years.

As a policyholder, Insurers value a number of things in your control and what you can do to help them, to help you.

One area, is to ensure you act straight away, beginning at the scene of an accident.

Awareness of claims at a scene is critical, to ensure you record what Insurers need to help control claims and costs.

Another, is how quickly you report a claim, and ensuring you Insurer can work with what you provide, and not delay matters by go back and forth asking for more.

As you report a claim, you can shorten delays in vehicle repairs by following pre-agreed arrangements – do you have one in place?

We can review ‘end to end’ processes and implement ‘best practices’ that will be efficient and cost effective, and also help you review performance.

At MA Claims Support, we can help you ensure your claims programme is viewed as attractive to Insurers, and play a part in reducing your total costs of Insurance.

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