Motor Fleet Operators

Are you responsible for the operation of a fleet of vehicles in the public or private sector?

You have no doubt noticed insurance terms and/or premiums have changed in recent years.

One of the reasons is the fact that personal injury claims for traffic incidents have been on the increase. We have all read press coverage of the many negative cases that really challenge the insurance compensation process.

Whilst it remains a challenge to address this situation, insurers do value a number of things that a policyholder can do. You need to act straight away, beginning at the scene of an accident.

Are your reporting lines aligned with yours and your insurance provider’s needs? Do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Are there issues, such as delays in vehicle repairs, that slow down the processing of your claims and increase your costs?

Are your vehicle hire costs a concern? Do you find you are receiving an unwanted high level of alleged accidents? Are trends in accident types a concern to you?

Have you done everything to improve your organisation’s claims defensibility? This can stand you in very good stead when you come to negotiate with your insurance provider.

At MA Claims Support, we can help you deal with the compensation culture and find ways to improve efficiency and help play a part when discussing your insurance premium and terms.

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