Local Authorities

Are you an insurance officer or other financially responsible person within a local authority?

When any kind of insurance claim is made against your organisation, it takes up the valuable time of your team members and impacts on your key performance indicators.

We know only too well the types of claims you receive, and the challenges you have in ensuring that your claims spend is contained, so that unwanted costs are not incurred.

Our experience tells us that the sooner an incident is thoroughly investigated, the greater the chances of gathering crucial factual evidence which may have a considerable impact on the course of a future claim.

Even when a claim is made, we help you take swift action in making investigations and working with your insurance providers to assess liability as quickly as possible. All of this plays a big part in time and cost management.

Your H&S policy is no doubt covering all the necessary risk assessments. However, it is worth considering how well you are recording each incident in order to protect against future claims.

You can’t prevent an individual from making a claim. Nonetheless, if you are complying with your risk assessments, we know how frustrating it is when a claim is compromised due to a lack of ‘key’ documentation to assist in denying fault.

When you work with us, we have two objectives. To seek areas in which you can improve your defensibility, and to help streamline your process with a view to minimising your claims spend.

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