Housing Associations

Are you the financially responsible person within a Housing Association? Would you be interested in looking at potential ways to challenge your insurance budgets and premiums?

You are already familiar with the types of incidents that can lead to insurance claims: footpath trips, slips on wet surfaces in communal areas to name a few. Accidents on stairs are cited frequently.

Typical claims can cover poor lighting, falling tree branches and slippery pavements resulting from moss and leaves. Other incidents can include water leaks into flats caused by contractors, and accidents involving children.

Of course, many of these things are a regular part of your day to day activity. No doubt your H&S policy will include all the obvious risks, but how well are you documenting each incident in order to protect against possible future compensation claims?

Being embroiled in insurance compensation claims can have an unwanted impact on your aims and objectives in various ways.

You have to allocate your own resources to every case that involves your insurers or solicitors. This takes up time, costs money and can be stressful for staff members who find themselves having to recall specific details of events that took place months or possibly years ago, and then make a full statement of facts or even attend court.

We offer our expertise to help you and your staff members to document each incident as soon as it occurs. This ensures any future claims are much less likely to get very far.

The chances are you use an insurance adviser to help with your policy renewal. It is possible to achieve significant savings if you are able to show how you have improved your claims processes, defensibility and spend.

At MA Claims, we would be delighted to discuss with you your claims challenges, and tailor our services to your individual needs.

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