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A customer slips, trips or falls while on your premises. What do you do next?

Once they are up and walking again, their next step might be to go to a personal injury lawyer. Before you know it, you have a claim on your hands.

What happens now? How much time do you and your team end up spending on dealing with the situation?

What information are you able to provide to your insurance company?

If you are an operating manager, a health and safety officer or have a financial responsibility in the retail, hotel or leisure sectors, you will have seen the evidence for yourself: greater numbers of employees and customers have become willing to use litigation in order to claim compensation.

Is there a way you can challenge your current insurance premium?

These are the things we look at when we work with you.

By improving your claims awareness, you can enable your organisation to become far better at identifying incidents that could potentially lead to claims. In addition, you will be more efficient and exacting in the way those incidents are reported and logged.

This has a huge effect on your ability to defend claims and can save a lot of time and money further down the line.

Are your reporting lines aligned with your insurance provider’s needs – and do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Without clearly defined roles and responsibilities, you may experience delays in processing aspects of a claim. An example of this could be a delay with a vehicle or property repair. Are both parties clear on who should be making the arrangements and the timeline that needs to be followed?

These are the areas in which we can help you avoid wasted time, vehicle downtime and property completion delays.

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