If you are a school business manager or bursar, or are otherwise responsible for safety in an educational environment, you are well aware that compensation claims are always a possibility.

How many claims has your school had to face in the last five years, and how many have been compensated? How many are challenged and paid?

Insurance compensation claims can be extremely costly.

Corridor collisions, falls on stairs, PE and sports-related injuries, assault by fellow pupils, accidents involving school equipment and incidents on school trips have all given rise to claims.

Many of these things are a regular part of school life. No doubt your H&S policy will include all the obvious risks, but how well are you documenting each incident in order to protect against possible future compensation claims?

Being embroiled in insurance compensation claims can have an unwanted impact on your school in various ways.

You have to allocate your own resources to every case that involves your insurers or solicitors. This takes up time, costs money and can be stressful for staff members who find themselves having to recall specific details of events that took place months or possibly years ago, and then make a full statement of facts or even attend court.

We offer our expertise to help you and your staff members to document all incidents as soon as they occur. This ensures any future claims are much less likely to get very far.

There are other concerns. Your school’s track record with injuries and claims can affect its reputation. Importantly, there is also the issue of your insurance premium, which can be affected by the number and nature of claims against your school.

We are here to help raise your awareness with regard to insurance claims, processes and defensibility and make you more effective in the way you respond to incidents.

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