As the trustee of a charity, would you be interested in looking at potential ways to challenge your insurance premiums and budgets?

Nowadays, it is more likely than ever that you might face a claim of some kind from a member of the public, possibly for an incident that happens on your premises, or perhaps when one of your representatives is out fundraising.

But apart from having the insurance in place, what else are you doing to improve your ability to defend your charity against claims?

Are you aware of all the types of claim that could be made? What procedures do you have in place to document incidents? Do you know what your insurance company would expect, and how to make life easier for you both?

When you can demonstrate how well your charity is set up to react to and defend against insurance claims, it can also benefit you by enabling you to challenge your premium.

Our services such as claims awareness training, streamlining your processes, and help with putting together a Service Level Agreement could be appropriate to your charity.

Find out more about our services or visit the other sectors we specialise in:

Housing Associations
Local Authorities
Hospital, Retail, Hotel and Leisure
Motor Fleet Operators

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