We help Policyholders ensure they are in control of TOTAL Insurance costs – not just premiums

Many factors (not just premium) make up TOTAL insurance costs, most are in the Policyholder’s control

The following areas each have a cost – according to how well you manage them:
🔎 awareness and response at the incident scene, reporting and progressing claims, reviews, lessons learned       

🔎 engagement with colleagues on business specific claims and news, and controlling future claim numbers/types/repeats/costs                                  

🔎 approach to ensuring Business Interruptions and associated costs are mitigated

An underperforming claims record can cause unwanted operational disruptions and costs, cause premiums to rise, likely negatively affect terms, condition and level of cover 

We directly help Policyholders to identify the ‘root causes’ of claims and costs, and help implement ways that will improve safety, reduce frequency, claim costs, mitigate operational disruptions and associated costs, and the smooth running of operational activity

Reducing the total cost of Insurance, including premium

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