Helping organisations mitigate the impact insurance claims can have – time addressing/down-time (service delivery challenges)/resource/budget (including premium, uninsured costs)/headaches/worries/reputation


Claims awareness training (individual and/or teams) – provides greater claims awareness, the importance of effective ‘claim reviews’ helping to lesson learn, effective incident management, improve chances of defending compensation claims and streamlining claims processes to bring them to a swift conclusion


Demonstrating an active approach to seeking to reduce the risk of claims, and better able to control them, can play a significant part in getting the best possible outcome when negotiating the cost of insurance and terms


We work directly with organisations who are fed up paying high and/or escalating insurance premiums and responding to insurance claims

We do not source quotes for your insurance, we are not a Broker/Intermediary

Here are the sectors we worth with, which once are you?

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