If your business regularly makes insurance claims, we guarantee YOU savings of 10% to 25% off your insurance budget*

We are NOT talking premiums (we don’t sell insurance), we are focused on your bottom line BUDGET

Operational consequential disruption costs in recovering from incidents can be as significant as your premium. We help you deliver these cost saving solutions by business operational performance improvement.


After an initial ‘free’ review of your operational policies and practices, and how well you manage your claim programme, we will feedback our findings.

*If you are performing well, we will walk away

Should we find opportunities to save YOU 10% to 25%, we will offer a summary of how, agree a plan of activity, timelines, defined ‘measurables’, and agree terms and conditions.

If we do not deliver this guaranteed cost saving, we WILL RETURN our FEE.

Why are we confident we can deliver this?

We have:
• +30 years’ experience working on the ’Insurer side’ of the counter
• considerable experience working with numerous organisations helping with claims and budget challenges, budgets running from £50K – +£1M
• we don’t just advise, we ‘roll up’ our sleeves, support and upskills business teams
• we are available remotely, on-site, ‘one off’, ‘retained’ basis or fixed fee

Areas of review focus:
• review your ‘end to end’ processes starting at the SCENE aiming to improve recovery times
• identify areas of ‘cost leakage’ due to internal delays and evidence
• focus on claim types, frequency, causes, emerging risks, trends and issues
• to improve focus on ‘claims awareness’ within your business
• identify and help improve ‘claims defensibility’

Do you have claim issues or a dispute?

Call us for a free no obligation chat or arrange a visit to go through in more detail.

Here are the sectors we worth with, which once are you?

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